Defined Contribution System

The Defined Contribution System includes automatic calculation of participant eligibility and vesting years, dual vesting schedules, Top Heavy schedules, Match Vesting schedules, automatic tracking of Top Heavy plan years, and the ability to process Non-Qualified plans.

Defined Benefit System

The Defined Benefit System incorporates an administrative tracking system with an actuarial valuation system. It allows the User to update plan parameters, benefit formulas, assets and rates for valuation runs, with ease.

Census System

The Census System works in conjunction with the Defined Benefit System. It performs many of the same functions as the Defined Contribution System and can be used to link the two where plans are maintained in both.

Cafeteria Tracking System

This system is designed to operate within the confines of the Defined Contribution System or operate independently. It was constructed to allow maximum flexability in tracking benefits.


Administrative Functions

The Administrative Functions System offers flexability in moving client information from one medium to another in addition to other time saving features. It is included with both the Defined Contribution and Defined Benefits systems.

Name & Address System

The Name & Address System maintains client address records as well as Contacts, Trustees, Accountants and Attorneys. The User would be able to find out all the clients with the same Accountant or Attorney (Centers of Influence). Once the information is input, mailing labels can be produced in any desired quantity. The labels printed, as well as the number can be adjusted on an individual client basis.

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