December, 2006 celebrates the 25th anniversary of Incompass Inc. From it's inception, Incompass has been dedicated to easing the burden of the pension plan administrator. Frequent tax code revisions, government rulings and changes in reporting requirements, make the already complex task of plan administration even more difficult. Incompass was created for the sole purpose of easing that burden. The system was designed by pension administrators who knew first hand, the need for a computerized record keeping system that could provide them with flexibility while doing the calculations and allocations and producing the reports, required by law.

Originally setup for use on a mainframe computer, the software has evolved to the present state-of-the-art PC application. Throughout it's evolution, the Incompass programmers have strived to keep the system "administrator friendly".

Both of the main record keeping systems, Defined Contribution and Defined Benefit, have been designed to accommodate from 1 to 99998 clients with an unlimited number of participants. Each comes with Administrative Functions and Name and Address Systems, at no extra charge. Both systems come with insurance policy maintenance and the Defined Benefit with a Census System. Again, at no extra charge.

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